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How Do I Extend USB Ports

Instructions: Make manual of your motherboard and study the information about how many slots, PCI or PCI-E (PCI Express 2.0 single lane (x1)) are available about the mainboard (e.g., four PCI slots). Now open the left side of the PC’s case to see if any slots have the freedom with the USB card. (e.g., 2 PCI slots can be purchased) Next, it’s extremely important to understand the version of operation system placed on the pc. (e.g., Microsoft Windows® XP Home Edition) Lastly, find the USB version (1.1, 2.0, 3.0) you require. The total amount saved between USB versions is incorporated in the data transfer speed. You are now supply the knowledge you need to buy a USB card extension. E.g., you'll be able to look for a card fitting a PCI slot, supporting Microsoft Windows® XP and requirements USB 2.0

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